Brunch Celebration

Let our team of chefs guide you and your friends through the process of making an incredible brunch spread. 


Everybody will produce a stunning quiche made from our delectable shortcrust pastry, the finest in seasonal vegetables and generous lashings of cheese. To complement the richness of the quiche you will produce a vibrant salad to go with it, dressed with a wonderfully zingy vinaigrette. For those who like to indulge their sweet tooth at brunch, our chefs will demonstrate how to make an incredible granola, made from scratch which will shortly replace the store bought option you’re eating for breakfast each day and show you how to layer it with fresh fruit and creamy yoghurt to create a mouth-watering parfait. 


Once the cooking is done, step away from the kitchen and enter the dining room to enjoy your feast (with several glasses of bubbly).

Duration | 3- 4 hours

What's included | Venue, chef instructor, ingredients, wine, coffee, water, and equipment

Optional additions | Welcome drink, canapes, dessert