What to expect

All our hands-on cooking classes follow the same principles.


Once you arrive in our kitchen classroom our chef instructors will greet you with coffee and water whilst we wait for everyone to arrive.

Everyone is given an apron as well as the recipes that will be covered that day. These will also be sent to you via email.



Once everyone has arrived, the chef instructor will begin by giving an overview of what to expect from the upcoming session as well as a brief presentation explaining any theoretical topics that will be covered that day.

Once the presentation is over, the chef instructor will begin demonstrating the first set of steps of the recipes that will be covered during the session.

Hands on

Now it’s your turn! You will be asked to replicate the steps that the chef instructor has just demonstrated.

They will constantly be on hand to help you in any way you need. You will be provided with all the locally sourced ingredients and necessary tools to be able to recreate that dish.

contemporary plating.png

Bring it together

Once the recipes are completed, the chef instructor will demonstrate how to combine each component into a beautifully plated dish. As you finish plating your food, cutlery will be laid and wine poured.


By the time you’re done you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a glass of wine or two (without having to worry about any of the cleaning up)!