Culinary Masterclass

The Culinary Masterclass is a tailor-made programme of 4 units that will encompass fundamental cooking skills that will take your cooking to a professional level.


With the assistance of our academic team and our highly skilled chef instructors, you will be shown basic and fundamental techniques that once mastered will take you to new culinary heights.


Unit 1 - Pasta and risotto

A deep dive into various forms of shapes and pasta doughs.

Understanding the regionality of pasta and the different options of dough available as well as how to properly emulsify pasta sauces to create a silky-smooth result plate of pasta.


Unit 2 - Meat 

This unit is designed to help one understand different cooking techniques and methodologies as well as understanding protein structure and how to choose the best cuts for dishes you wish to prepare. 

Unit 3 - Fish

This section of the programme will offer an insight into the vast world of fresh fish and everything that is abundant in our seas. 

Unit 4 - Spices 

This part of the course will help one develop a keen sense on how to use complementary spices and how to use them to enhance the flavours of dishes. This section will also explore different ways of eating and understanding different food cultures. 

Duration | 8 sessions of 3- 4 hours

What's included | Venue, chef instructor, ingredients, and equipment will all be provided