Learn how to make delicious fresh pasta by hand from beginning to end.


Our 'A taste of Malta' workshop gives participants a glimpse into Maltese gastronomy.  


Go head-to-head to see who can make the most beautiful, delicious, showstopper of a cake.


Learn how to prepare an incredible brunch spread with all of the mimosas and none of the cleaning up.


Prepare a beautiful spread of Maghreb and Arab Levant inspired dishes to share.


Let your kids play ‘head chef’ for a few hours as our chef instructors guide them and their friends through making a delicious fresh pasta dish from scratch.


Let us show you how to prepare amazing cocktails and give you creative freedom to mix your own. No Aperitif hour is complete without a delicious arrangement of snacks either!


Perfect for groups who enjoy cooking with bold flavours and want to add some competition to their next get together


With the assistance of our academic team and our highly skilled chef instructors, you will be shown basic and fundamental techniques that once mastered will take you to new culinary heights.