Megan Mercieca


Megan has always shown an interest in food and dreamt of a culinary career.


Despite her passion for food, however, her career did not at first start out in the culinary world. It wasn’t until the age of 21 that she decided to change career path opting to start with a diploma in Food Preparation and Production to get a good foundation. The final year took her to the UK to complete a yearlong internship working in a two-rosette restaurant. Here was where she was properly able to develop her skills and get a real feel for the kitchen. Though she experienced each section in turn, she admits to having a soft spot for the pastry section as she finds that it comes naturally to her.


Further to this, it was while working in the UK that Megan also developed a particular interest in catering for specific dietary requirements and intolerances, recently launching in Malta a gluten free plant-based range of baked treats to reflect this.


Having returned from the UK three years ago, she took up a degree in Gastronomy, which later took her to Estonia for three months to work in a cider factory. Here she got to observe a different aspect of the vast culinary field. In her free time, apart from trying out new and innovative recipes, Megan enjoys spending time in nature and in fields, as she learns more about the local environment with each passing season. It is through this that she is able to truly appreciate and value supporting local, promote sustainable practices and would like to see a reduction of food waste.