Discover Another Side of Malta Through Its Food

From the history, to the techniques, the courses and workshops the Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA) will teach you all you need to know about Malta’s and the surrounding region’s cuisines. It’s also the perfect place for expats in Malta to discover Maltese cuisine and learn to cook it themselves.

You can find culture, tradition and history all around you in Malta: from the village festas to the Maltese language, and the architecture to the bobbing luzzus in our ports. But all that also comes together in Malta’s food, and the dishes that trace their way back to a bygone era in our story and to the other nations that neighbor ours.

At the MCA – one of Malta’s leading cooking schools – we take the provenance of the dishes we cook as importantly as we take the seasonality and sustainability of the ingredients we cook with. So, if you’re an expat living in Malta and are looking to find an exciting way to learn more about your new home, our workshops can give you a whole new perspective.

And, if that tickles your fancy, you’re in luck because, over the next few weeks, we have numerous food workshops and courses taking off!

Culinary Basics

The art of baking, the science of risotto, the fun of summer pan roasting, and the tradition of cooking Malta’s local lampuki (dorado fish/mahi-mahi) will all be tackled in one-off, separate, four-hour culinary basics workshops held regularly.

In these, we take you more in-depth than you might expect, going into everything from identifying the freshness of a sustainably-sourced local fish to how to decorate and frost a layered cake, depending on which you choose.

And we’re always adding on to the list, with a new four-hour workshop on how to make eclairs, profiteroles and chocolate truffles having just been announced!


Take your pasta dishes to the next level with a four-hour pasta-making workshop in Rabbit Tagliatelle, tortellini or traditional Maltese ravjul. Our team of chefs will take you through the whole process, from sourcing the best raw ingredients to beautifully plating your creation.

Foreign Cuisines

And why stick to Maltese cuisine? Food, no matter where it comes from, should be celebrated, tasted and enjoyed, So why not delve into the cuisines of the Mediterranean with one of our multi-day courses based around Coastal France and Spain, the various regions of Italy, the Maghreb and Arab Levant, and Greece and Turkey?

Cooking and Culture in Valletta

And, finally, this our star four-hour workshop that unites the history of one of the world’s most beautiful fortified cities with that of the food of its people. Perfect as a gift or even as a day out for visiting family and friends looking to understand Malta and its history better, Cooking and Culture in Valletta will give you new skills, new recipes, and a taster of Maltese food and wine made from local ingredients.

The best part about all these workshops? Our Academy – the first of its kind anywhere in the region – is located on Sappers Street in Valletta, making it easier for you to get to us, even by bus.

Want to find out more about cooking in Malta and cuisine in Malta? Click on the ‘Classes’ tab in our toolbar above.


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