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Togħma Pizza Al Taglio

We are teaming up with Togħma for a pizza al taglio baking class.

The workshop will be run by Cristina, the founder and head baker of Togħma. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about pizza al taglio, autolyse, different types of flour, yeast fermentation and so much more.

We will get our hands dirty and learn different techniques of handling the dough, how to cut and shape it, assessing the proofing, and how to fix or adjust any mistakes made throughout the process. Participants will get some secrets tips from Cristina herself and her original recipe which she uses at Togħma. By the time you leave the class, you will feel comfortable making pizza al taglio from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

Once the session is over you are welcome to take your pizza al taglio home with you, or enjoy them at class while they are fresh out of the oven with some delicious paired wine.

We will be topping our pizza al taglio with fresh sustainable local ingredients. As just like us Cristina has the same values where she loves to use and promote local ingredients.

About Cristina & Togħma

Cristina always wanted to bake as she says to try and find those flavours before food was industrialised. Togħma opened their doors in Birkirkara in early 2020, they have been steadily growing a name for themselves around Malta as a fine confectioner of treats both sweet and savoury.

Togħma puts local ingredients first whenever possible, they commit to reflect Maltese flavor in a wide variety of baked goods. Hardworking, passionate, and determine, we are delighted to be collaborating with Cristina on this class to diversify, learn from each other, meet new like-minded people and obviously eat some good food.

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