Spring Honey is practically the most abundant and common honey found in Malta. This honey is a multifloral honey, meaning that honey bees make this honey from a wide range of flowers.

Predominantly, the nectar comes from Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) and the Boar Thistle (Galactites tomentosa). 


Nevertheless, other plants both of native and non-native origins contribute to the production of this honey including Borago officinalis, Citrus spp., Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)Prunus spp. such as almonds, Medicago spp. and many others. Besides, its taste this honey is also widely used against common flu and it also helps the body to fight allergies related to pollen. Usually this harvested towards the end of May and has a tendency to crystallize in a short amount of time. 

Local Spring Honey

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