Tasteful Thoughts Gift Hamper


At the MCA we pride ourselves on sourcing local, artisanal products from producers who continuously work to better the local food scene.


This package includes:


Bidni | Endemic Monovarietal | Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Tettiera® Wens | Tea Blend 

Maltese Coffee | Signature Blend | Tin Canister 



Bidni Endemic Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 100 ml

The 'Bidni' olive variety, which also lends its name to our resulting olive oil, is found only on the Maltese islands. Producing a limited amount of olive oil each year. Bidni fruit is small in size, hearty with a "violet color', renowned for its superior oil. 


Tettiera® Wens| Tea Blend | 25g

Wens Tea Blend {Meaning Comfort} A soothing cup to de-stress and gently bring you back to your senses. The floral notes – giving you a feel of comfort. Luxury in a cup. Ingredients: Chamomile Blossoms, Stinging Nettle, Pink Baby Rose Buds.


Maltese Coffee | Signature Blend | Tin Canister | 170Gr.

Chocolate district's unique recipe of select raw beans and spices celebrates Maltese folklore and revives a taste so prevalent in the past. An aromatic, strong coffee infused with roasted chicory, aniseed, and cloves. Their signature blend is crafted for the specialty coffee industry.


Optional Add On - Caravaggio Girgentina 75cl

A refreshing dry white wine, showing the lively character of Girgentina. Aromas of pears, ripe apples, and a floral nature on the palate. Perfect as an aperitif, ideally served with soft cheeses and fish antipasti.


Tasteful Thoughts Gift Hamper