the salt trade at Xwejni Bay Gozo worked by E. Cini and his family, has been running through generations for over 150 years. In fact E. Cini and his siblings have been involved i salt harvesting since 1969.


Salt harvesting is done only during the summer months i.e.from the month of June till the end of August. The salt is produced from natural elements ; sun, sea and evaporation of the sea water. Xwejni salt is collected and packed by hand following traditional methods. The salt is unwashed, has no chemical treatments and no additives.


It is ideally used for the kitchen such as for cooking and to wash vegetables and fruit. It can also be used for all kinds of preservatives likes capers, sun dried tomatoes and olives.


This is an original product, produced and packed by E. Cini and family.


Genuine artisan sea salt manually harvested for many generations in the traditional way from the Xwjeni Salt Pans on the island of Gozo.


Xwejni Fine Salt | 250g

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