Maghreb & Arab Levant Course

4- Day Course

  • Starts 09 Oct
  • 299 euros


Join us for this exciting 4 day course where you will be examining the southern Mediterranean coasts of Africa through the Eastern coasts of the Middle Eastern territories. In doing this you will uncover the influences, culinary techniques, specialised cooking equipment and the products, ingredients and flavour combinations that will allow you to craft dishes representative of the region without needing to reach for a recipe book.     By drawing on the similarities of the region as well as the characteristic definitions which set them apart as individual cuisines we can begin to develop a more accurate story of the food culture of a people.     This 4-day course aims to inspire participants with an understanding of the culinary practices rituals of the vast region and the variations within. To produce, with nothing more than a well-stocked pantry and fresh ingredients, a feast fit for any Middle Eastern celebration.     Course will cover: Introduction to the Arab Levant: The spice trade   The Meze table  Pies and Pastries of the Maghreb  Food for feasting: Tajine 
 Outcomes:  - Identify the basic ingredients, cooking techniques, and flavor combinations found in regions of Northern Africa and the Middle East. - Examine the geographical, cultural, and historical influences on the foods of Northern Africa and the Middle East. - Examine the unique cooking equipment of these regions. - 
Demonstrate professional kitchen practices in the form of organization, knife skills, timing, proper use of equipment and ingredients. - Demonstrate principles of food safety and sanitation through professional work.  - Prepare a range of dishes using the methods and flavors representative of the region with appropriate skills and techniques. Regardless of what we’re cooking, you don’t have to worry about a thing as we’ll provide all the recipes, tools, and ingredients you need for the session. After we’re done? Well, things don’t end once the cooking session is complete. You can choose to enjoy the fruits of your labour with your partner and sit at your table to dig into your meal with a glass of wine. A certificate and MCA apron will be given to each participant.


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  • 73 Triq l-Oratorju, Naxxar, Malta