• Kurt Mifsud

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    A gastronome by profession, Kurt began his career in the food industry at 18, when he worked in both fine-dining and fast-casual restaurants.

    He then went on to study at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, where he contributed to the organisation of the University’s first-ever study trip to Malta. Then, in October 2015, he led the Maltese delegation to the first edition of the ‘Slow Food Youth Network International Conference’ at the Milan Expo.

    As an active member of Slow Food International and Slow Food Malta, Kurt has spent the last year developing the concept behind MCA and bringing it into fruition.

  • Kevin Mifsud

    Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

    As a seasoned Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience, Kevin’s major achievements include successfully leading the core team of negotiations for the sale of start-up BEVYZ for US$220 million. He has been actively involved in fundraising over €50 million from various shareholders, ranging from VCs to Fortune 100 companies. He was also very active in securing an important strategic partnership with ‘Whirlpool’, one of the largest kitchen appliance companies in the world.

    Kevin is currently involved in strengthening his knowledge in the field of creativity and innovation with particular interest to innovation in the culinary art, such as in multi-sensory gastronomy.

  • Robert Pace

    Co-Founder and Art Director

    Robert Pace is a conservation architect by profession. He is a firm believer in marrying architectural conservation principles with food, especially when it comes to understanding the source and history behind a product, respecting its origin and reinvigorating it using creative techniques.

  • Stephen La Rosa

    Chief Culinary Officer

    Stephen graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has since worked at Michelin-starred establishments Per Se in New York, Quince in San Francisco and Hélène Darroze at The Connaught in London.

    Upon recent return to Malta he has taken on a role at the academy developing relationships with local food and beverage producers, using these connections to facilitate the creation of food and beverage menus for the Mediterranean Culinary Academy.

    On an academic level, Stephen is responsible for the course design and the creation of material for the practical and theoretical culinary education portion of the curriculum.

  • Ghislaine Calleja

    Food Innovation Director

    Passionate about science and health related topics, Ghislaine is a pharmacist who recently completed her MSc in Food Innovation and Health at the University of Copenhagen, culminating in a collaborative project between the Nordic Food Lab and Smag for Livet – a centre funded by the Nordea Foundation, which promotes food education through learning about flavour.

    Ghislaine will be holistically involved in the Academy, and is primarily responsible for setting up the gastronomy lab, and developing the theoretical and practical nutrition-based education.

  • Jo Caruana

    Media Consultant

    Following her studies in media and the arts in Edinburgh, Jo returned to Malta to launch her content company Writemeanything in 2006. Since, the company has grown to also incorporate PR and international messaging divisions, and Jo’s team now work with companies across the world.

    In 2015 Jo launched her second company, Finesse Consulta, which now trains corporate and government clients on matters related to etiquette and protocol.

    Jo considers herself to be an avid foodie and she is especially passionate about sustainability and local cuisine. She was drawn to the unique values and strategies that define the MCA, and was proud to join the project in 2016.

  • Diemo Gebhardt

    Chief Technical Officer

    Curious free spirit with an open mind and a big heart, a strong desire to learn and understand how the world around him works, why and how one affects the other. Based outside of his comfort zone.

    Thrives when having the opportunity to improve and enrich peoples lives and their experiences in a meaningful way.

    Enabled to create the appropriate systems and environments, by taking a holistic approach and having the ability to relate to, translate and traverse fluently between human nature, business and technology.