Winter Junior Chef Programme

If your children have a taste for the kitchen this course will encourage them to improve their skills in a professional, yet creative environment. Covering a range of integral cooking techniques, food safety as well as educating about the use of local, seasonal and sustainable produce this course is designed to foster well rounded and competent young cooks.

Check out the programme below.

7th March - 9th May *
11th April will be skipped for Easter

Taking place every Saturday between 10:00 - 13:30

at The POD, Carob Tree Food Court, St. Julian's

For ages 8 - 11
9 Sessions €450
7th March - 10th May *
11th April will be skipped for Easter

Taking place every Saturday between 15:30 - 19:00

at The POD, Carob Tree Food Court, St. Julian's

For ages 12-16
9 Sessions €450

Day by day lessons

Lesson 1: Eggs

Students will learn an array of egg preparations and uses. They will cook a Spanish Tortilla, make Aioli from scratch and put together a baked Shakshuka.


Lesson 2: Poultry butchery and cooking

Instructor will demo how to break down a whole chicken. Students will then prepare and cook the various parts in different ways including chicken thighs cooked with olives, lemon and thyme, chicken breasts stuffed with sundried tomatoes and ġbejna, chicken breasts in panura as well as a basic chicken stock.


Lesson 3: Pie

Students will learn about different pie pastry and prepare a beautiful Pork en Croute and silky pomme puree from beginning to end.


Lesson 4: Pizza, focaccia and flatbread

Instructors will talk through the basics of bread dough and demo focaccia and flatbread. Students will make their own pizza from scratch adding their own creative spin with a choice of toppings.


Lesson 5: Middle Eastern lamb braise with pilaf rice

Students will be given the opportunity to create their own spice blends to season and braise their lamb in. They will learn how to cook perfect fluffy rice and a tahini and yoghurt sauce to accompany it.


Lesson 6: Pasta

Instructors will talk through basic pasta principles. Students will make their own pasta dough and use it to bake a comforting dish of ricotta filled cannelloni in a mushroom and Mornay sauce.


Lesson 7: Show cake

Instructor will demo a variety of pastry techniques. Students will bake a chiffon sponge layer cake with white chocolate ganache, jam and brittle. An element of competition will be introduced as groups vie to decorate the most creative cake.


Lesson 8: Restaurant practice

The format of this session will be a mock restaurant, with all the kids preparing a number of dishes which will be prepared for the parents on the last session!


Lesson 9: Parents Celebration Dinner

Students will work in teams to put together a three-course menu that will highlight skills learnt during the course.. This lesson will emphasise teamwork and timings in the kitchen. The dinner will also be served to the parents who are invited to join us on this last, special day. * 2 seats per child

9th May | 12-16 years will take place Saturday at 18:00

10th May | 8 - 11 years will take place Sunday at 18:00


The course will cover the following:

· Practical examples of using seasonal and local products.

· Building sauces from scratch.

· A variety of cooking techniques from simmering to sautéing, poaching and searing.

· A variety of supporting skills including emulsification, aeration and gauging cooking temperature and times

· Theoretical and practical sessions about the 5 tastes, the flavour wheel and the importance of balance.

· Practicing knife skills, proper food storage as well as correct hygiene and safety practices in the kitchen.

· A look at the food history of Malta.

School registration number SL 12516

A few snaps from our Summer programme


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