Ariel Guivi


Ariel’s passion for food and cooking started when he was 14 years old and still living in Argentina. Ariel’s family used to travel during the weekend and he would stay at home cooking for himself.


A love of food followed Ariel when he moved to Israel looking for a better life. During his military service in Israel, every time it was Ariel’s turn to help in the kitchen the chefs would encourage Ariel to help out with the food preparation as well as cook dishes himself. After 11 years in Israel where Ariel worked for the Government, he moved to Gibraltar following his wife's career path.


Finding himself without a job Ariel decided to participate in the Gibraltar version of Master chef and finished runner up. Ariel’s then rapidly turned his passion for food into a profession, he worked as a line cook for 2 years whilst in Gibraltar. He quickly moved up the ranks and became a head chef in one of the local Pubs. He then opened his own private catering company focused on Kosher food as well as creating and opening a new breakfast restaurant in Gibraltar.


When he moved to Malta 3 years ago, Ariel worked for almost a year in a prominent wine bar in Valletta and created a new menu whilst there. He then moved on to become Head Chef of Dinner in the Sky for the 2018 and 2019 season. Whilst working at Dinner in the sky, Ariel was named Chef of the Month in November 2019 and also won several prizes including best restaurant and best service. During summer 2018 Ariel decided to take his practical experience to the next level by enrolling himself in a Degree program at the Institute of Tourism Studies.