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At the Mediterranean Culinary Academy we are always looking for talented individuals to join and contribute to our team.

Have a look at our current opportunities

Kitchen Assistant

The MCA is looking for a kitchen assistant. Their primary duty will be to work together with our chefs in order to host hands-on cooking classes. The ideal candidate would meet the following criteria and have the following responsibilities:

  • Assisting the chef in setting up a classroom for a session.

  • Continuous cleaning throughout the session.

  • Taking part in the cooking sessions and assisting any participant.

  • Cleaning down the class after the session has ended.

  • Passionate, keen to learn, grow 

  • Must have good presentation skills.

  • Must have a satisfactory level of hygiene

  • Part-time basis

  • Available evenings, as well as weekends 

  • Driver's license 

  • Spoken English and Maltese

Applications for this role will close Monday 31st August.

If this sounds appealing to you then please send your CV to

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