‘Bidni’ Olive Oil Dark Chocolate 100g


Dark Chocolate infused with our own ‘Bidni' endemic extra virgin olive oil. A strong, peppery, buttery melt in your mouth chocolate rich in antioxidants and healthy properties.


Packaged in Maltese ”tberfil” style. (Design and font used for packaging)


Malta boasts a long tradition tied to growing olives as witnessed by many village names. The cultivar known as ‘Bidni’ is endemic to Malta but, until a few years ago, it was virtually unknown, with the tree thriving only in a stretch of woodland between Bidnija and Wardija.


Plantation: BIDNI OLIVE GROVE – Family Grima


The Chocolate is made by Chocolate District, who are an independent chocolate boutique and café in Valletta (Malta), specializing in fine chocolates, loose leaf teas and speciality grade coffee beans.

‘Bidni’ Olive Oil Dark Chocolate

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