‘Ta’ Xwejni’ Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 90g


Hand-harvested sea salt from Ta’ Xwejni Salt Pans lightly sprinkled over Dark Chocolate. Its delicate texture and gentle saltiness bring out the complexities of the dark chocolate blend.


Packaged in Maltese ”tberfil” style. (Design and font used for packaging)


Xejni Salt

Only a handful of Maltese salt pans locally referred to as Salini, remain today. This chocolate bar is a rendition of the timeless, age-old craft of salt farmers, who have harvested salt traditionally for over 400 years.


The Chocolate is made by Chocolate District, who are an independent chocolate boutique and café in Valletta (Malta), specializing in fine chocolates, loose leaf teas and speciality grade coffee beans.



‘Ta’ Xwejni’ Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

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