A dynamic syllabus, which encourages and promotes research into the science of culinary arts, while also encouraging staff and students to understand the human story of nourishment.


The academy’s primary goal is to be a cathedral of professionalism. This will be achieved by promoting a meritocratic and fair system both with staff and students, as well as providing an earnest environment for personal professional development


The food system's effects on the planet will be a focal point of the academy, because the generations that follow have as much a right to a healthy planet as the generations of today.

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy is continuously looking into new ways to get people to learn more about the food they eat, as well as how to cook dishes that use local and sustainably-sourced ingredients. From passionate foodies to professional chefs MCA gives students the technical abilities to excel in any culinary role.

The Academy revolves around a unique set of contemporary values that places the food cycle at the core of everything it teaches. From its one-day courses to its professional training for chefs, every student will be provided with a wealth of information and skills on how to make delicious, fresh food.


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David Vella

David’s passion for culinary arts sparked at the age of 15 whilst working a summer job waiting tables...


Ariel Guivi

Ariel’s passion for food and cooking started when he was 14 years old and still living in Argentina...

Valletta Design Cluster

The Valletta Design Cluster is a community space for cultural and creative practice situated in the renovated Old Abattoir building (Il-Biċċerija) in Valletta, Malta. 


Breeds of Origin

Breeds of origin is a non-profit organisation working to protect the indigenous breeds, native species, subspecies, and cultivated varieties of the Maltese islands.



Fish4tomorrow aims to create a culture of sustainable fishing and seafood consumption in Malta and Gozo.



The Definitively Good Guide

The guide and its website are Malta’s foremost reference for lovers of restaurant dining.