The Mediterranean Culinary Academy is the first educational establishment of its kind anywhere in the region and will be the first product-driven food college in the world.

While focused on giving its students the technical abilities to excel in any culinary role, it is intrinsically committed to developing Mediterranean cuisine in particular, as well as leading the way with regards to sustainable agricultural practices.

Based in Malta, the Academy revolves around a unique set of contemporary values that places the food cycle at the core of everything it teaches. From its relationship with local fishermen and farmers to the supportable approaches used in its public restaurant and the produce sold in its market, every stage of the process takes sustainability into account.

Graduates of the MCA will share these social, economic and environmental values. Their acquired skills will stand them in good stead to work in any international kitchen, while this unique expertise will set them apart in a world that critically needs to become ever-more globally aware and ecologically proactive. It is these MCA graduates that will be the culinary leaders of tomorrow.

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy is scheduled to open its doors towards the end of 2017.