We want to help you succeed


We offer a range of services suited for your food business needs no matter the scale.

 From developing concepts, creating sample menus, kitchen layouts to recruitment and day-to-day training of kitchen staff.


Concept Development

Whether fitting in to an existing concept or starting from scratch. We can help realize your vision.

Staff Training

Well trained staff improve clientele experience and helps reduce staff turnover rates. The Mediterranean Culinary Academy can provide restaurateurs with bespoke training packages as well as help in facilitating grant schemes.  


The aim is to help develop a sound financial strategy. This is achieved through developing a business plan, calculating capex and costing menus efficiently.

Food sourcing

Working together with several local farmers and high-quality purveyors and importers. Our goal is to help you find the most sustainable and high-quality suppliers on the island.  

Menu and recipe development

Building on the concept, sample menus and dishes are created to create a tangible peek into the future of your venture.  

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