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Food Series No 1: Eating in Malta

Check out our short video of what went down on the night.

"Food Series No 1: Eating in Malta" was the first event of a series of themed sessions. The main objectives of this series is to map and document the food landscape in Malta through various topics and to act as a meeting point for food related interest groups and individuals throughout the island to discuss various ideas and initiatives. The session was based on a mixed approach where we will have an open discussion about people’s everyday food choices as well as food preparation with everyday ingredients.

The event was organised by the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, Valletta Design Cluster and Valletta 2018 Foundation.

The Hatchery Initiative

The Hatchery Initiative is a meet-up event to support local action and social innovation. This meet-up initiative aims to bring people together to share needs and resources linked to concrete practices and skills. The Hatchery builds on a first impulse originating from local initiatives and brings together a variety of organisations and groups for meetings, informal consultancy, and workshops.

The idea for this event derives from an open session about Collective Action & the Sharing Economy that was co-organised by the Valletta Design Cluster, the Valletta 2018 Foundation, and Local Operators’ Platform.


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