Cooking Thai with Pailin at MCA

Learn how to cook 3 Thai dishes with Pailin our guest chef instructor all the way from Chang Mai Thailand. Pailin has a cooking school in Chang Mai however due to travel restrictions her school is not in operation at the moment. Pailin will be using as many local ingredients as possible for her dishes, and showing us how we can source Asian ingredients locally.

Dishes we will be making:

Pad Thai - A famous Thai dish, Pad Thai is eaten all over Thailand.

Tom Yum Goong - Spicy and sour soup with lemongrass, prawn and mushroom

Fresh Spring Rolls - Bo Bia Sot. - A healthier alternative to the fried variety, originally from Vietnam but commonly found in Thailand.


  • Understanding the key flavours of Thai cuisine

  • Prepare 3 dishes that you will be able to replicate at home

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