POLLEN - The Beginning

Pollen is a simple, natural ingredient with a lot of potential… And the perfect metaphor for the launch of the Mediterranean Culinary Academy - 2017

When developing our initial idea for our first pop-up dining experience, we wanted to represent the values of The Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA) in a tangible manner: Sustainability, through the sourcing of local, seasonal and environmentally-conscious produce; Professionalism in the organisation and overall experience that was delivered; and Education, by explaining each course and dish, its sourcing and how it was prepared. 

We wanted to achieve this not only through the food itself, however, but also through the whole experience. 

Following our ethos to be a product-driven academy, the menu reflected this by placing the producers and their products at the centre of the menu, which Stephen La Rosa, our wonderful chef, developed following a number of visits to local farmers and suppliers to discover what was in season. 

Taking place during the spring, the menu reflected the seasonality of the produce; so much so that some elements depended entirely on what the farmers brought us on the day. The food itself, meanwhile, was traditional and familiar but was also presented in a refined and contemporary manner. Of course, all that food needed something to be washed down with, and we paired the dishes with drinks thanks to the help of local suppliers Stretta Craft Beer and San Niklaw Estate.