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Zero Sei Trattoria Romana & MCA

We have been working with Fausto here at The Mediterranean Culinary Academy for a few years now. Fausto has shared his skills on how to make pasta Carbonara and Amatriciana at our academy. Each scheduled session sells out in days and we couldn't be more happy with the overall feedback from our participants.

Over the past nine years, Fausto has adopted an ambassadorial role for Roman food, here in Malta. A Roman with a dream to open a typical trattoria in the heart of Valletta has done just that and so much more!

Fausto Soldini is a true entrepreneur in catering, his passion and talent for cooking comes greatly influenced from his grandmother. From just age 12 he remembers cooking pasta Carbonara with her.

Apart from Faust's passion his energy, team, consistency and choice of ingredients are all key factors in what makes his establishments stand out from the rest.

Just to give you an example the Pecorino chosen for his pasta dishes comes from an artisanal cheese manufacturer that uses the old methods of four dry-salting procedures by hand to produce the delicate Pecorino Romano PDO from ewe’s milk.

We cannot wait to see whats next for him and his team. We look forward to future collaborations together.

Check out Fausto’s restaurants and more:

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