We made a few small tweaks to the classic recipe to season it to our liking: we scented the honey syrup with orange blossom water and reduced the amount of it poured over the dessert as baklava can often be cloyingly sweet. We serve this dessert with thickened yoghurt and crushed pistachios. The idea here is to dip each diamond of baklava into the yoghurt and then to dip the yoghurt into even more crushed nuts. The yoghurt balances out the sweet richness of the pastry while the nuts add a textural crunch which the nuts inside of the baklava itself lack as they have been soaked in syrup. This recipe is designed for a small 12 cm pie pan but can be scaled up as needed.



18 sheets of filo pastry

75g melted unsalted butter

100g pistachios

100g walnuts


100g sugar

15g honey

60g water

2g orange blossom water