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Orange Marmalade

Malta’s citrus industry dates back as far as 870, when Malta was under Arab rule. Starting in December through March citrus fruit grows abundantly. Among the citrus grown in Malta, Seville orange (Larinġ tal-bakkaljaw ) thrive. Bitter in taste, their high pectin content makes them ideal for orange marmalade.

Orange Marmalade makes approx 750ml


500g - Orange Larinġ tal-bakkaljaw

1L - Water

500g - Castor Sugar

250g - Soft Brown sugar

½ Juice of Lemon


  1. Juice the oranges and lemon. Keep the pit.

  2. Scrape the inside of the citrus fruit and put them in a muslin cloth.

  3. Thinly slice the rind of the orange and lemon.

  4. Place the rind in a pot with the juice and the water and the muslin cloth with the pits and simmer for approx. an hour.

  5. Add the sugar and cook for another 15-25min or until the consistency is right.

  6. Take off the heat and cover with cling film until cool.

  7. Place in a serialised Jar.

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