Spanish Tapas - Pulpo con Pimentón & Escalivada

These recipes are super simple, packed with incredible Spanish flavours and take advantage of some of the beautiful Summer produce we’ve been looking forward to all year! You can substitute the grill for a hot pan if you want to replicate these dishes indoors but you’ll be missing out on the wonderful smokey flavour and the unbeatable atmosphere that outdoor grilling provides.

Pulpo con Pimentón


1kg fresh octopus

4 cloves of garlic

2 sprigs of mint

The juice of one lemon

Good quality extra virgin olive oil

Smoked paprika and salt to taste

1. Despite what they told you about fresh being best, you’re going to want to give your octopus a few hours in the freezer. The process helps to tenderize the octopus before you even start cooking it.